About Us design-estate connects you to smart, sustainable, custom and affordable homes for Australian's.

design-estate is a passionate advocator of smart design and sustainable buys or builds.

Our aim: to contribute to a greener, greater and more transparent future housing environment within Australia.

Design is in our DNA. With this mantra in mind, we highlight ways to make your home work harder for you rather than you working harder to pay for it! By introducing free passive design principles based on where you live in Australia you can produce comfort, performance and overall inject a greater value. We also encourage a less-is-more approach when building. By adopting a dual-purpose space or room approach you can still enjoy flexible and functional spaces that toile together and evolve alongside your families expectations.

Although only a small operation through our research we aim to highlight other resources and sites. Here you can discover important new references designed to inform, offer inspiration and ideas.

Connect and create a greener, better-built home to make lasting memories within.

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Since 2014 design-estate has been curating excellent examples of architecture, design and real estate.

Come on a new journey as we focus, discover and connect you to what’s possible in the green, eco home market. So you can buy, build or renovate a sustainable, future-ready home!



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Amanda | Freelance Designer
“Congratulations on creating something truly different. Your site inspires, engages and celebrate design”.

Alastair | Architect
“There is now hope! Design-estate offers a place to seek out excellent examples of WA design. THANK YOU”.

Lisa | Student Interior Design
“Thanks for making local design relevant”.

Callie | Property & Design Fan
“Whenever the email comes through I click on the link immediately. I love the design news and all the cool and funky gadgets and designs I didn’t even know were available. I have forwarded the design news link several times to friends and colleagues”.

Claire| Architect
“It’s not often you see good architecture from Perth being promoted to the general public. Usually it’s kept for architectural magazines.  Responding to and encouraging strong architecture is necessary for Perth to develop into a greater city. Thank you design-estate for connecting people with design”.

Sara | Property Investor & Design Enthusiast
“What a wonderful platform. I’m currently looking for a home to buy and have been overwhelmed and completely deluded with the same, same faux properties. design-estate seem to be able to delve deep to find a diverse selection of designer gems that stand out”.

Sophia | Interior Designer
“I love design-estate! I’m not always able to get in-store and found several incredibly beautiful pieces from local retailers which I thought I’d have to source over east that is now being carried via design news from Minotti to Fritz Hansen. This is excellent news for my client and me”!

I was inspired by the @kvadrat clouds you featured in Design News. I ended up sourcing the product and installed it in a recent client home with an overwhelming response. Thank you for seeking out these little treasures”.

Seb | Designer
“design-estate seeks amazing products and imagery. I have recommended it to several friends and clients who love it”!