Marimekko House, Mosman Park – Flexible Living

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8 Briggs Street, Mosman Park WA.
Bedrooms: 4.
Bathrooms: 3.
Land Size: 736 sqm.
Architect: Ariane Prevost.

The Essence: This well crafted, interchangeable home was a Finalist in the World Architecture House of the Year 2013, and
 won an Australian Architecture House Award in 2012 for it’s landscape.

Key Features

  • Garage: 2
  • Light-filled, open and flexible spaces.
  • Oversize pivot doors in the epicenter of the house can be moved to change your mood from entertaining to a cozy space.
  • Tranquility is achieved with a passive thermal roof garden that is flexible enough to grow vegetables and entertain.
  • Every room  offers glimpses of the garden.
  • A weathered steel facade strays from standard traditional streetscapes.
  • Texture is maintained throughout with the use of diverse materials including wood, concrete, steel, glass and recycled materials.

Architect: Ariane Prevost
Agency: Shellabears Agents
Agents: Chris Shellabear. T. 0418 910 065
Gerald Watts T. 0418 282 442 e.

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